Sketch-based modeling and assembling with few strokes


In this chapter we present a sketch-based modeling system inspired by artistic illustration techniques. In traditional illustration, 3D forms are usually depicted by a series of drawing steps using few strokes. Artists initially draw the outline of the subject to show its overall 3D form and shape features. This initial outline usually describes very simple geometric forms. Outline details and internal lines are then progressively added to suggest features such as curvatures, wrinkles, slopes, folds, etc. In this vein, we developed methods to facilitate rapid modeling of a wide variety of free-form 3D objects, constructed, edited, transformed and assembled from just a few freely sketched strokes. We present two parametric surfaces, rotational and cross-sectional blending, constructed using two and three strokes, respectively. These surfaces can be deformed using a single stroke and modified by cross-section over-sketching …

(Springer, London)