Sketch-Based Dance Choreography


Sketching and doodling are two techniques commonly used by choreographers to design a dance sequence. These sketches usually represent the trajectory of the dancer in the scene. A set of annotations can be used to differentiate the various dance movements. In order to have more control over the choreographed dance, a 3D animation is preferable. This paper presents a novel sketch-based approach to assist dance choreographers authoring dance motions in a 3D environment. The proposed approach allows a choreographer to story board a dance using stick figure sketches of a dancer. Inspired by traditional choreography, a set of simple annotations is introduced for ballet. These annotations help to retrieve and blend ballet ‘mini-motions’ in order to create a synthesized dance. To build the mini-motions, we have analyzed and processed several ballet movements available in a MoCap database.

International Conference on Cyberworlds (CW) (IEEE)
Faramarz F. Samavati

My research interests include Computer Graphics, Geometric Modeling, Visualization, and Digital Earth.