Rapid reservoir modeling: Prototyping of reservoir models, well trajectories and development options using an intuitive, sketch-based interface


Constructing or refining complex reservoir models at the appraisal, development, or production stage is a challenging and time-consuming task that entails a high degree of uncertainty. The challenge is significantly increased by the lack of modeling, simulation and visualization tools that allow prototyping of reservoir models and development concepts, and which are simple and intuitive to use. Conventional modeling workflows, facilitated by commercially available software packages, have remained essentially unchanged for the past decade. However, these are slow, often requiring many months from initial model concepts to flow simulation or other outputs; moreover, many model concepts, such as large scale reservoir architecture, become fixed early in the process and are difficult to retrospectively change. Such workflows are poorly suited to rapid prototyping of a range of reservoir model concepts, well …

SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium (Society of Petroleum Engineers)