Categorization and Conversions for Indexing Methods of Discrete Global Grid Systems


Digital Earth frameworks provide a tool to receive, send and interact with large location-based data sets, organized usually according to Discrete Global Grid Systems (DGGS). In DGGS, an indexing method is used to assign a unique index to each cell of a global grid and the data sets corresponding to these cells are retrieved or allocated using this unique index. There exist many methods to index cells of DGGS. Toward facility, interoperability, and also defining a “standard” for DGGS, a conversion is needed to translate a data set from one DGGS to another. In this paper, we first propose a categorization of indexing methods of DGGS and then define a general conversion method from one indexing to another. Several examples are presented to describe the method.

*ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information *
Ali Mahdavi-Amiri

Alumni Postdoc and Research Associate

April 2015 - December 2016

Ali is a former Postdoctoral Scholar interested in geometric modelling, geospatial visualization, Digital Earth representations, and spatial data structures.