Multilevel focus+ context visualization using balanced multiresolution


In this paper, we present the construction of a multilevel focus context visualization framework for the navigation and exploration of large-scale 2D and 3D images. The presented framework utilizes a balanced multiresolution (BMR) technique supported by a balanced wavelet transform (BWT). This devised framework extends the mode of focus context visualization, where spatially separate magnification of regions of interest (ROIs) is performed, as opposed to in-place magnification. Each resulting visualization scenario resembles a tree structure, where the root constitutes the main context, each non-root internal node plays the dual roles of both focus and context, and each leaf solely represents a focus. We use the local multiresolution filters of quadratic B-spline to construct the BWT. Our developed prototype supports interactive manipulation of the visualization hierarchy, such as addition and deletion of ROIs and …

2014 international conference on cyberworlds (IEEE)