Multiresolution on spherical curves


In this paper, we present an approximating multiresolution framework of arbitrary degree for curves on the surface of a sphere. Multiresolution by subdivision and reverse subdivision allows one to decrease and restore the resolution of a curve, and is typically defined by affine combinations of points in Euclidean space. While translating such combinations to spherical space is possible, ensuring perfect reconstruction of the curve remains challenging. Hence, current spherical multiresolution schemes tend to be interpolating or midpoint-interpolating, as achieving perfect reconstruction in these cases is more straightforward. We use a simple geometric construction for a non-interpolating and non-midpoint-interpolating multiresolution scheme on the sphere, which is made up of easily generalized components and based on a modified Lane–Riesenfeld algorithm.

Graphical Models (Academic Press)
Troy Alderson

Alumni Ph.D. Student

September 2014 - November 2019

Troy was a PhD candidate interested in curve multiresolution frameworks on the surfaces of spheres.