Diagrammatic approach for constructing multiresolution of primal subdivisions


It is possible to define multiresolution by reversing the process of subdivision. One approach to reverse a subdivision scheme appropriates pure numerical algebraic relations for subdivision using the interaction of diagrams (Bartels and Samavati, 2011, Samavati and Bartels, 2006). However, certain assumptions carried through the available work, two of which we wish to challenge:(1) the construction of multiresolutions for irregular meshes are reconsidered in the presence of any extraordinary vertex rather than being prepared beforehand as simple available relations and (2) the connectivity graph of the coarse mesh would have to be a subgraph of the connectivity graph of the fine mesh. 3 subdivision (Kobbelt, 2000) lets us engage both of these concerns. With respect to (2), the 3 post-subdivision connectivity graph shares no interior edge with the pre-subdivision connectivity graph. With respect to (1), we observe …

Computer Aided Geometric Design (North-Holland)