SBIM For Parametric Surfaces

In this Sketch-based modeling project, free-form parametric surfaces are created using just a few strokes. The technique is inspired by the traditional illustration strategy for depicting 3D forms where the basic geometric forms of the subjects are identified, sketched and progressively refined using few key strokes. We introduce two parametric surfaces, rotational and cross sectional blending, that are inspired by this illustration technique. We also describe orthogonal deformation and cross sectional oversketching as editing tools to complement our modeling techniques.

A demo of the early version of this system:


Faramarz F. Samavati

My research interests include Computer Graphics, Geometric Modeling, Visualization, and Digital Earth.


Sketch-based modeling with few strokes (2005)

We present a novel sketch-based system for the interactive modeling of a variety of free-form 3D objects using just a few strokes. Our …