Volume Studio

Volume Studio is a software framework of interactive tools for realtime 3D volume (MRI, CT) manipulation and segmentation. These tools are:

  • high-quality volume carving,
  • raycasting based tools for direct drilling, lasering, peeling
  • cutting/pasting the 3D volume
  • interactive and dynamic segmentation controlled by direct sketching on different regions.
Key processes of VolumeStudio: (a) user indicates a region for opening with a stroke, (b) a surface-based peeling operation is performed with user-specified depth, (c) the skull is removed and the user sketches seeds for segmentation, (d) the region grows, and (e) the grey and white matter are segmented and isolated.
(Top) Opening skull with the peeling tool, sketching seeds on the left ventricle, regions growing into surrounding material, reversed growing, sketching seeds on the right ventricle and completing segmentation. (Middle) Opening abdominal wall with the peeling peel, placing multiple strokes on colon, region growing in parallel, covering entire colon, and pasting the segmented part in isolation. (Bottom) Lasering the skull with a circular mask, removing occluding bone, sketching seeds on the molar tooth, region growing, and pasting the segmented tooth with zoom.

A demo of the final version of this system:

Faramarz F. Samavati

My research interests include Computer Graphics, Geometric Modeling, Visualization, and Digital Earth.


GPU-based point radiation for interactive volume sculpting and segmentation (2008)

Internal structures, features, and properties in volumetric datasets are mostly obscured and hidden. In order to reveal and explore …