Interactive example-palettes for discrete element texture synthesis


Textures composed of individual discrete elements are found in everything from human-made glass-tilings to forests and tropical coral. We propose an interactive sketch-based system for synthesizing scenes consisting of many discrete element textures. We have implemented an example-palette, a design window where a user can use our sketch-based tools to create discrete element textures and then paint those textures into a scene or back into the example-palette to create new textures. Our interactive sketch-based tools use a new and fast region-growing algorithm that iteratively synthesizes new elements around previously synthesized elements. To support discrete element textures with different scales in the same output, we parameterize our region-growing algorithm on a per-element basis. Our method is capable of synthesizing structured and stochastic example discrete element textures. We explore …

Computers & Graphics (Pergamon)
Timothy Davison

Alumni Ph.D. Student

2012 - December 2019

Tim is researching multi-scale discrete element textures and procedural modelling. The goal of his research is to create 3D multi-scale simulations and visualizations of the human body, from organ systems all the way down to individual proteins and molecules.